iO conference 2014 and SOAP’s future – we must pull together

Yesterday, Nadine, Tony and myself spoke at the iO conference in Runnymede, Berks. The talk covered various facets of animal osteopathy, from the current political arena, to research, into clinical practice. The talk was well received and a number of delegates came to speak with us afterwards.

During the day we had some great conversations, including a discussion with a member of the iO, which will hopefully lead to a regular animal column in the iO journal. We also made contact with an osteopath in France, who is interested in hearing from members who have written research papers in the field of AO. This is very exciting for those of you who are currently writing your undergraduate dissertations in this area.

The overriding feeling at the conference, was of change. Change for the greater good of the profession. This rings true also within animal osteopathy, where the political and educational environment is progressing by the day.

SOAP is committed to helping the profession through this time of change, but in order to do the job properly, we need your help. At present, our team works on a voluntary basis, but in order to stand tall, next to the other mainstream manual therapies, we must be progressive and visible. Whether that be at conferences or educational events. All this takes time and money, even though our committee give their time for free.

Please remember that your subscriptions are vitally important to the future your profession.

If you feel passionately about your profession, please help us by keeping your subs up to date and where possible, making additional donations. Every penny takes us a step closer to the unified profession we all need. 

With thanks

Dustie Houchin (Chair of SOAP)

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