The Association of Animal Osteopaths has been created to ensure that osteopaths in animal practice have a strong and competent association upon which to rely.

The AAO focuses on quality care, education and safety for our patients, to ensure that all those who work in this field and are members of the AAO work within their scope of practice and in line with our Code of Conduct. We also work in conjunction with the Register of Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP), which endorses increased awareness of educational standards and levels of professionalism in the animal manual therapy world. This ensures that the best possible levels of experience and/or education are at the heart of every practitioner.

Based on current legislation and advice from the General Osteopathic Council, we inform all readers that “Animal Osteopathy” in the UK should only be performed by registered human osteopaths who have undertaken further studies in animal osteopathy before practicing on animal patients. If you would like to find an animal osteopath for your pet or animal, please go to our “Find an Osteopath” tab where you will find a list of those who are happy to be published.