We are a voluntary group committed to the future of animal osteopathy

2017 Committee  

Dustie Houchin – Chair and founder member

Dustie has a keen interest in the advancement of animal osteopathy and the betterment of the profession internationally. She has written and managed 3 validated programmes in animal osteopathy for the European School of Osteopathy and was the Programme Leader for their M.Ost and Animal Osteopathic Pathways until November 2016. She now focuses solely on the education pathways of animal osteopaths (remaining in her position as Animal Osteopathy Programme Leader) and is working with a number of schools around the world to help set up programmes of their own.

Dustie was a founder member of SOAP, taking over as Chair in 2013. She then advanced SOAP to the AAO in August 2016, when her work with the RMPR project highlighted a gap in the market and a need for a strong ambassador for animal osteopaths in practice and those in education.

She has her own human practice in Buckinghamshire but treats horses and small animals in Bucks, Oxon, Berkshire and Surrey. She also teaches animal osteopathy at the ESO and is a freelance lecturer/speaker.

Dustie’s aim is to provide both new graduates and experienced practitioners with the support and education they need to work in the area of Animal Osteopathy, professionally and successfully, whilst also ensuring that animal osteopathy advances with all other professions in terms of educational and political standards.

Eleanor Andrews – Secretary & founder member 
Eleanor graduated from the ESO and studied Animal Osteopathy under Stuart McGregor. Since then Eleanor has worked on both humans and animals in Hampshire and Kent. She uses a variety of treatment techniques to help improve the freedom of movement and general well being in animals (which includes but is not limited to horses, dogs and cats). Her field of expertise is in horses, working with the owners on any post treatment programmes which include exercises and rehabilitation as required.  Alongside associate work and her own business, she holds a PGCert in Higher Education and is senior lecturer on the MSc in Animal Osteopathy, lectures internationally and both lectures and assists at the ESO on the MOst programme.

Eleanor’s love of horses began as a young novice rider at the age of 4 and progressed to being a horse owner and trainer during her teenager years whilst also attaing her BHS Stage 1 and 2.  As a keen member of Pony Club she competed for her division and also attained her ‘B Test’. Whilst working at a BHS yard, Eleanor developed training programmes and instructed all ages and disciplines (both practical and theory), this also included becoming a registered RDA instructor.  Whilst Dressage is her first love she has participated in many disciplines including XC, SJ, and Polo.

You can email her directly at
Nadine Hobson – Osteopathic Alliance Liaison Officer
Nadine graduated in 1978 from the BSO and has more than 20 years experience in animal practice, specialising in small animals, lecturing in this topic around the UK . She is a  founder member of SOAP and is our representative within the Osteopathic Alliance.

With over 15 years at the Hyde Park Veterinary Centre, Nadine has worked closely with vets before and after surgical procedures, giving an Osteopathic opinion on cases where medical tests are inconclusive and running  a busy Osteopathic list. Her special interest is in visceral cases inspired by the years working in a renowned Integrated Medical practice for Women”s Healthcare, Obstetrics and Infant care.

Nadine presented a retrospective study at the First international Congress of Osteopathy in Animal Practice, moderated a panel of experts and taught a masterclass on the visceral aspects of the osteopathic care of cats and dogs. She is also on the faculty of the MSc in Animal Manipulation (Osteopathy) Validated by BPP University, as tutor for the Canine module.

Sarah Wisson – Membership Communications Officer
Sarah is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has been surrounded by animals all her life, attributed to her family farm up-bringing, interacting with horses & dogs through training & riding.
In 2003, Sarah completed a course of animal osteopathic study with Stuart McGregor & returned back to New Zealand to open her own business, and work in conjunction with Emma Fairs on the human side of Osteopathy, within a holistic, integrated medical centre.
Sarah sees a variety of animals in the countryside of NZ, travelling many kilometres, between the 2 islands. Sheep, goats, geese, llamas, are not uncommon, besides her expertise in horses & dogs.
Sarah works in conjunction with many vets pre/post & during surgery and is endorsed & see’s the elite agility dogs of NZ, & working dogs (tracking & husky racing). Sarah also has extensive expertise in the field of rehabilitation for dogs, having worked alongside Dr Kirsten Wylie (who was the specialised vet in Alaska for the Iditarod for numerous years).
Sarah has acted as an examiner for oversees osteopaths by the OCNZ and lectures on the subject of animal osteopathy both publicly and to members of the osteopathic profession. Sarah continues to work with the Osteopathic Council within the paediatric scope of osteopathy & as a mentor to overseas osteopaths. In November 2014 at the 10thICAOR Conference in Brazil, she presented a paper on Forelimb lameness in dogs due to Bicipital tenosynovitis.
In her role as Membership assistant, Sarah wishes to improve the growth of animal osteopathy both in the UK and overseas and wishes to link both local & international members to broaden thee AAO’s scope, so we may be seen as a united professional group in the eyes of our members.
She believes that we are entering a new era of animal osteopathy with the MSc. Animal Osteopathy at the ESO which helps provide us with a excellent platform from which to grow. Having lectured, presented a research paper and continually supported the osteopathic profession since her arrival in NZ, she feel more than capable to fill this role with the knowledge of liaising with a good team of people, developing a profile & providing relevant osteopathic cases for open discussion forums & newsletters.
You can email her directly at
Faye Andrews – Membership Officer 

Faye graduated for the BSO in 2002 and set up her own human practice in Surrey straight away. She returned to the BSO in 2007 to teach osteopathic technique to years 1-3 on both the full and part time courses, she has since started teaching on the BSOs sports MSc programme and has run a CPD workshop on fascia and movement. Her background in junior international sport has helped develop her interest in how to get the best movement from the body and how it works efficiently and effectively.

Faye became interested in animal osteopathy 9 years ago due to an injury to one of her dogs and then attended the Introduction to small animal osteopathy workshop at BCOM in 2009. Since then Faye has developed her knowledge of canine anatomy and biomechanics to help treat dogs using a variety of techniques to improve fluidity of movement and quality of life. In 2015, Faye was accepted on to the MSc animal osteopathy course at the ESO and has completed an online animal psychology course.
Recently Faye has assisted Dustie Houchin in the teaching of canine anatomy and gait analysis to overseas students. She has two dogs and loves nothing more than being outside in the open air exploring new places with them. Faye brings to committee her strong online presence, social media skills and ability to create paraprofessional links which she hopes to continue to develop as she supports the field of animal osteopathy and the AAO.
Carol Michie – biography coming soon… 
Mel Bell – Newsletter Editor 

Melda (Mel) graduated from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1985 and in 2007 converted her qualification to a BSc (hons) Ost through the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.  She currently works in both human and animal practice in Northamptonshire, Rutland and Lincolnshire and is continuing her education undertaking an MSc in Animal Osteopathy with the European School of Osteopathy.  Mel’s particular interests include exploring and ascertaining an evidence base for animal osteopathy in practice.  She looks forward to supporting the AAO in her role on committee by bringing her strengths of event organising and analysing research along with her expert writing and grammatical skills to the team.

Wil Ames – Treasurer & Membership Secretary (Non-voting) 

Wil Ames MICB AATQB – Wil has previous employment as a financial advisor, mortgage advisor and almost twenty years combined experience in the City of London Police Force and Avon & Somerset Constabulary. He is employed by an accountancy firm that specialises in tax matters for clients in the healthcare profession and is the accounts manager for an osteopathic practice in Buckinghamshire. He also runs his own bookkeeping business for small businesses – specialising in MSK professionals.