AAO Working Team


Eleanor Andrews (President)

Eleanor has taught both internationally and in the UK for many years, supporting hundreds of students to reach their academic goals. Eleanor brings her experience not only as senior lecturer on the MSc (Animal Osteopathy) at the European School of Osteopathy in Kent, UK but also as a postgraduate and international lecturer of human and animal osteopathy, academic dissertation supervisor, Master’s level examiner and moderator. She also holds a PG Cert in Higher Education and has lectured at conferences and to specialised groups.

Clinically, Eleanor works in private animal and human osteopathic practices, incorporating an extensive equine background. She has further developed her equine and canine anatomy, biomechanics, neurology, pathology, orthopaedics, and rehabilitation through research and self study, attending seminars and carrying out dissections, post-mortems, and paraprofessional observations.

She enjoys looking at osteopathic concepts as relate to animals and ensuring ‘the whole’ is looked at. Eleanor believes that we should treat in harmony with our animal patients working with their own system to achieve optimal function. She has an innate ability to be in-tune with patient needs and find/treat the cause not just the symptoms, often removing long standing compensation patterns and facilitating profound changes, using flow and rhythm to enhance her treatment. She understands the importance of a strong focus on the day to day environment and changes owners can make to support their animal’s quality of life and how to achieve this.

Dustie Houchin (past President & head of external communications)

Dustie has a keen interest in the advancement of animal osteopathy and the betterment of the profession internationally to improve the lives of animals everywhere. She has written and directed three validated programmes in animal osteopathy for the European School of Osteopathy and was the Programme Leader for their M.Ost and Animal Osteopathic Pathways until November 2016.  Later in 2016, Dustie became the ESO’s Animal Osteopathic Consultant and started a new company, Animal Osteopathy International, which focuses on educational pathways for animal osteopaths and those working in the animal healthcare fraternity. 

Dustie was a founder member of SOAP, taking over as Chair in 2013. She then advanced SOAP to the AAO in August 2015, when her work with the RMPR project highlighted a gap in the market and a need for a strong ambassador for animal osteopaths in practice and those in education. As a result, Dustie was a Founder member of the RAMP Council, holding the position of Education & Quality Assurance Officer until 2019. Today, she is the Managing Director of the AOI and a Quality Assurance Assessor for the GOsC/QAA.

Faye Andrews – COMMUNICATION officer

Faye graduated for the BSO in 2002 and set up her own human practice in Surrey. She returned to the BSO in 2007 to teach osteopathic technique to years 1-3 on both the full and part time courses, she has since started teaching on the BSOs sports MSc programme and has run a CPD workshop on fascia and movement. Her background in junior international sport has helped develop her interest in how to get the best movement from the body and how it works efficiently and effectively.Faye became interested in animal osteopathy 9 years ago due to an injury to one of her dogs and then attended the Introduction to small animal osteopathy workshop at BCOM in 2009. Since then Faye has developed her knowledge of canine anatomy and biomechanics to help treat dogs using a variety of techniques to improve fluidity of movement and quality of life. In 2015, Faye was accepted on to the MSc animal osteopathy course at the ESO and has completed an online animal psychology course. Faye is now a member of the AOI Teaching Team, teaching canine osteopathy at level one. She has two dogs and loves nothing more than being outside in the open air exploring new places with them. Faye brings to committee her strong online presence, social media skills and ability to create paraprofessional links which she continue to develop as she supports the field of animal osteopathy and the AAO.


Nadine graduated in 1978 from the BSO and has more than 20 years experience in animal practice, specialising in small animals, lecturing in this topic around the UK . She is a  founder member of SOAP and is our representative within the Osteopathic Alliance.With over 15 years at the Hyde Park Veterinary Centre, Nadine has worked closely with vets before and after surgical procedures, giving an Osteopathic opinion on cases where medical tests are inconclusive and running  a busy Osteopathic list. Her special interest is in visceral cases inspired by the years working in a renowned Integrated Medical practice for Women”s Healthcare, Obstetrics and Infant care. Nadine presented a retrospective study at the First international Congress of Osteopathy in Animal Practice, moderated a panel of experts and taught a masterclass on the visceral aspects of the osteopathic care of cats and dogs. She is also on the faculty of the MSc in Animal Manipulation (Osteopathy), as tutor for the canine module.


Sarah graduated as an animal osteopath in 2002. Since this time she has advanced exponentially as an animal osteopath and is now based in New Zealand, where she travels through the South Island of NZ seeing animals.. She also runs a busy human in Canterbury. In addition, Sarah is a lecturer and examiner in the fields of human and animal osteopathy. She works with vets and gives talks and practical demonstrations to vets & clients on how to help rehab their animals. In terms of AAO, Sarah feeds news into the AAO from New Zealand and Australia, working to build connections within these regions. 

Wil Ames – treasurer

Wil Ames MICB AATQB – Wil has previous employment as a financial advisor, mortgage advisor and almost twenty years combined experience in the City of London Police Force and Avon & Somerset Constabulary. He is employed by an accountancy firm that specialises in tax matters for clients in the healthcare profession and is the accounts manager for an osteopathic practices in Dorset and Bucks. He also runs his own bookkeeping business for small businesses – specialising in MSK professionals.