Why should I become a member of the AAO?

Becoming a member will help the AAO to advance the profession of animal osteopathy

As a committee, we work tirelessly toward a better future for animal osteopaths and the profession as a whole. Today, animal osteopathy faces new challenges and our work as a committee, has been to ensure the safety and security of the profession and its’ members.

Current projects being undertaken by AAO include:

  • Maintaining a strong presence within the Osteopathic Alliance
  • Meeting regularly with the GOsC to ensure both parties are aware of changes and challenges.
  • Working closely with ACPAT and the animal section of MCA, to build strong relationships with other statutory regulated professionals who branch out into animal practice.
  • Supporting animal osteopathy through the RAMP project to ensure that animal osteopaths are properly represented.
  • Building solid relationships with osteopathic schools around the UK to enhance educational opportunities and help raise  the skill sets of animal osteopaths.
  • Increasing the visibility of animal osteopathy and the AAO via social media and direct communications.
  • Securing a regular slot within the iO journal for animal osteopathic topics.
  • Regularly showcasing animal osteopathy at events.
  • Supporting and encouraging research within the field of animal osteopathy through the OEIs
  • Visiting osteopathic schools to run lectures on animal osteopathy for the next generation.

We also ensure that all our members are actively supported through some of the more challenging times in their careers and when help is needed we provide it through mentorship and guidance.

 2016/2017 Membership options

Full membership

The fee for Full Membership is £65.00. This price will be revised at the end of December 2017

Full membership currently requires you to be in practice as an animal osteopath in the UK and to hold appropriate animal insurance cover. We also need to see evidence that you abide by the law, as set out in The Veterinary Surgeon’s Act 1966 (Exemptions Order 2015);  requesting consent prior to the treatment of any animal. If you are practicing outside the UK but would like to be a full member, please contact us for more details. 

From January 2014 all full members must provide evidence of 14 hours of CPD that include self-reflective practice and/or time working with others. This will be required each membership year and must be in an area associated with the treatment of animals.

Please note CPD demands will increase as the political and educational arena of osteopathy for animals changes over the coming years. Whilst change is always difficult, it is essential for the reputation and stance of the profession and the AAO remains at the forefront of these changes for the best interest of its’ members.

Benefits of full membership: 

  • FREE marketing of your practice on our website via “Find an Animal Osteopath”
  • Discount on AAO events and courses
  • The use of an AAO Member’s logo to demonstrate your commitment to the profession and your standards of care. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Access to experienced animal osteopaths who are willing to help you improve and grow your practice
  • Access to vacancies
  • Access to animal related research
  • Access to case studies and articles on animal osteopathy, as well up to date news involving the profession.
  • Up to date insight of the political and legal changes affecting the profession
  • A sense of camaraderie with other Animal Osteopaths, as we move into the next era of veterinary care in the UK

Increase the visibility of your practice today.

Full members will be listed on the “Find An Osteopath” page. The entry will stay up for the duration of the membership period and one change may be made to the entry if your business details alter during the period without further charges. If you would like to apply for a full membership, please email with a 200 word brief about your business and the work you do with animals. You will then be sent a membership form which you will need to complete and return with your payment. Full members must be practicing animal osteopaths who can demonstrate their level of education and/or experience in the fields in which they work.

Associate & Overseas Membership 

Associate & Overseas memberships are currently £40.00 per year. This will be revised at the end of December 2017

Associate & Overseas membership is offered to non-practicing or retired animal osteopaths who wish to keep up to date with the field, or animal osteopaths practicing overseas. It is also available for veterinary paraprofessionals who have an interest in AO and wish to hold membership. You will receive access to the member’s area and also have access to members who are willing to help student members enter the world of animal osteopathy. You will not however, benefit from free advertising.

To request any form of membership, please write to