Membership Forms

If you are interested in membership to the AAO, please read through our membership page first to determine which membership is suitable for your experience and current working status. Once you know which membership you can apply for, please click on the appropriate link below to open the necessary form.

Thank you for supporting Animal Osteopathy in the UK.

Please note: Full membership requirements:

For full membership you will need to be able to demonstrate the following:

  • That you are in animal practice on a regular basis and only work within your scope of practice;
  • That you work within the law, working only with veterinary referral and/or consent;
  • That you have fulfilled 14 hours of CPD – at least 50% with others – and all must be animal related;
  • All CPD with others must be supported by certification or by signed documents from those in attendance;
  • If you include self study you must provide a critical reflection document that outlines how your study has advanced your clinical skills;
  • That you are registered with the GOsC;
  • That you hold up to date animal related insurance in accordance with your practice;

Membership Forms: