Terms & Conditions of Member’s Logo

As an AAO member, you can use the AAO member’s logo (not the standard AAO logo) to demonstrate to your clients, customers and staff that you are committed to the welfare of animals in osteopathic practice. However, AAO logos may never be used to imply endorsement of the services of a commercial organisation or individual osteopath.

However, only AAO members and organisations that we approve (in writing) may use the AAO logo and only as described in these guidelines.

The AAO member’s logo can only be used on:

  • Your website;
  • Brochures and leaflets, but not the front page;
  • Work wear;
  • Internal and external marketing communications;
  • It may be used on ‘about us’ pages, but it must be made clear which individual/s is/are the AAO member/s. There must not be any implication that any non-member is in fact a paid-up AAO member.

Please note: Membership must be maintained in order that the any AAO logo can be displayed. If your membership lapses you will be expected to remove all reference to the AAO from your business including all internal and external marketing communications – including printed brochures, stationery or work wear. The AAO will not be held responsible for any costs incurred.

In order to maintain consistent use of the member’s AAO logo, please ensure that only approved logos supplied by the AAO are used.

Logos may be resized, but must maintain the original format (shape, typeface, and general appearance).

Logos must display the original tri-colour scheme (preferred), or an alternative black/white/grey colour scheme.

Printed literature. Preferred logo sizes are as follows:

A2 Logo = 70mm. A3 Logo = 60mm. A4 Logo = 50mm. A5 Logo = 40mm. DL Logo = 40mm.

These sizes may occasionally be altered to suit individual applications. However, it is preferable to use these recommended sizes whenever possible to achieve consistency across applications. The logo should never appear smaller than 40mm wide on printed literature.

Web usage. Live-link logos may be used, but they must only link to this web-address: www.associationofanimalosteopaths.com

The logo should never be altered or recreated. When placing the logo over a colour or image, ensure that there is enough contrast so that the logo is still clearly legible.