AAO is global association, created to remove divides and encourage solidarity in the profession

The Association of Animal Osteopaths is an international association for animal osteopaths, and those who have trained professionally in osteopathic technique for animals. We are also to become an significant information database for prospective students worldwide. 

The Association of Animal Osteopaths was created to support practitioners who use osteopathic techniques on animals. From a historic prospective, animal osteopathy is a young and growing profession, and the regulation of it varies significantly, country to country. In some regions, animal osteopathy is now being taught as an undergraduate degree, with no demands whatsoever, to first undertake human osteopathic training. In others, it is an expectation that one would first train on humans before going on to postgraduate study [in animal osteopathy]. 

With plans to connect with schools, associations and organisations all over the world, AAO aims to support existing practitioners and prospective students, so as to drive best practice across the profession.

We are a young organisation, but the team behind AAO has years of experience, suited to the task. AAO’s aim is to unite, develop and promote the profession, for the betterment of animal welfare and healthcare worldwide. To bring together individuals who value quality and are aiming to become the very best practitioners that they can be. 

We are a voluntary association, currently sustained only by donations from members and organisations that wish to support the profession. Paid membership was stopped in 2019 to ensure that ALL animal osteopaths had access to the information they need, no matter what their financial situation or educational background. We are an inclusive Association, providing a setting where all practitioners can feel safe to reach out. We are also happy to direct the general public, who have an interest in finding an animal osteopath. But, fundamentally the AAO is here to support animal osteopaths (and those who have trained in animal osteopathy), to give them a voice and collegiate platform.

Our key areas of focus are: education, quality of care, best practice methods, competence and safety. To ensure that all who work in this field and the members of the AAO work within their scope of practice and in line with our Code of Conduct. At present we work (where appropriate), with with the Register of Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP), which endorses increased awareness of educational standards and levels of professionalism in the animal manual therapy field (UK). Such a relationship, ensures that UK osteopaths have a voice in the political setting, as the market of animal manual therapy continues to expand and grow. 

The ethos of the AAO is to support animal osteopaths worldwide. To help practitioners grow and learn in a safe environment with people who have helped to shape the future of the profession, and worked within the industry for many years. We offer guidance to those new to practice and guidelines for those seeking direction.

We are an unbiased voice, sharing industry news and information about the profession, courses that are available and CPD events for those already in practice. We are also keen to expand the list of educational providers into Europe, NZ, Australia and USA/Canada, so if you know of an educational establishment that you would like to advertise their courses through us, please ask them to get in touch.

Lastly, if you are an animal owner and would like to find an animal osteopath for your pet or animal, please go to our “Find an Osteopath” tab where you will find a list of those who are happy to be published.

The Association of Animal Osteopaths is a Supporting Member of the Osteopathic Alliance