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Vet Festival is back in 2021!

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Did you know 99% of delegates would recommend VET Festival to a friend or colleague?

The CPD event curated by vets for vets will be back in 2021 to deliver seminars across 18 veterinary specialist areas; each delivering practically relevant learning material to enhance the lives of companion animal veterinary professionals and their patients. 

The VET Festival CPD programme is delivered by pioneering, internationally renowned opinion leaders. Each speaker brings their skill, knowledge, innovation and passion for all delegates to witness and learn from.

VET Festival is truly committed to delivering a Veterinary Education for Tomorrow.

Animal Osteopathy International

Canine & Equine dual modality certified training

Level One Canine Course – open to a range of regulated clinical professionals. For more information:

Next canine cohort entry point starts April 2021 – dual modality (online and one single extended practicum) in 2021 or 2022 – as students prefer).

Validated by the ESO

For more information contact the AOI on  or their website: New courses are being released regularly throughout 2021. Equine Level I – Enrolment from January 4th 2021. Go to the course page for more information:

Animal Osteopathy International offers a range of canine and equine courses for all levels of learning. They offer online, and dual modality courses which help to reduce the cost and time required. This is a major advantage for those studying outside the UK or who are situated at the far edges of the UK.

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Suitable for qualified osteopaths who wish to transfer their skills to the care of animals.

Validated by BPP University, the Animal Manipulation (Osteopathy) programme is a Masters-level programme that trains students in Animal Osteopathic techniques.

A wide range of academic subjects as well as an introduction to the philosophy and practice of animal techniques are studied.

The first year of the programme is delivered at Warwickshire College. The second year of the programme is conducted at various sites throughout the country where practical skills are taught under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

The programme is semestered over two years and students are required to attend monthly weekend tutorial sessions. 

PG Cert. Animal Osteopathy

Taught by the Osteopathic Centre for Animals (OCA) and validated by the UCO, the course focuses on the osteopathic examination, evaluation and treatment of equines and canines, but the principles can be used to apply to other animals. For more information, go to: