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10th April 2021 from 10 – 11.30 am UK time

How to teach your clients the behaviours that underpin a canine fitness program. This will be a series of 5 events showing a live progression of teaching and fitness with two dogs. Topics covered include:

  • Positive training methods
  • Motivation and drive
  • Shaping – how and when to use it 
  • Reward type, placement and frequency 
  • Teaching stillness and why its important 
  • Detailed breakdown of exercises

Bonny and Nicky have a unique combinaton of expertise where the physiotherapy and agility world combine.  

Sports focus for conditioning and fitness work

90 minutes of fun with a Q&A opportunity.

Recording available with your purchase

Following four event dates to be confirmed asap. Follow the two dogs progressing though the program.

Horses Inside Out - Gillian Higgins

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Anatomy in Action – THE BOOK
Anatomy in Action is a large, striking, fold-out catalogue of anatomical movements.  Evaluating paces from walk to gallop, poles to drop fences and lateral work to specialist moves such as the sliding western halt, pesade and capriole, the book consists of 143 pages of compelling skeletal photographic sequences 28 of which are fold-out pages designed to best showcase the magnificent photographs. Concise explanations describing each movement make this book a treasure trove of biomechanical insights for the amateur and professional alike.

Building on Gillian’s earlier publications, this stunning book, which is a piece of artwork in its own right, is of interest to trainers, coaches, therapists, riders from all disciplines, vets, students and others with a fascination for anatomy, biomechanics and how the horse moves.

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Anatomy in Action – THE VIDEO COURSE
The Anatomy in Action video collection is a comprehensive, biomechanics course in horse movement. Evaluating paces from walk to gallop, poles to drop fences and lateral work to specialist moves such as the sliding western halt, pesade and capriole, the course comprises of 28 high-definition, slow-motion videos evaluating and clearly explaining the anatomy and biomechanics of the movements. The horses are all working towards their personal best.
As well as benefitting from labels, annotations and Gillian’s detailed voice over explanations, there is plenty of opportunity for you to pause, observe and assess the movements for yourself.   
Following the introductory video which explains how to get the best from the course, the first video introduces you to the importance of straightness before moving onto describe and analyse the movements listed below. There is also a video detailing each of the horses and riders involved.  Suggesting ways you can apply the information to your own or your clients horses makes this a valuable resource for trainers, coaches, therapists, vets, students, horse enthusiasts and riders from all disciplines.


Canine & Equine courses - Blended learning training

AOI’s Academic Pathway is open to a range of regulated clinical professionals. For more information:

The next Level One and Level Two canine (and equine) cohort entry points are now open. It is taught by blended learning (online and one single extended practicum) with practicums available in various international locations. AOI courses are validated by the ESO, Kent.

AOI courses currently available

The Diploma aspect of AOI’s Academic Pathway is made Level Two Compulsory modules and it is intended for practicing equine osteopaths who have already undertaken foundation level courses. Links to the pages above, take you to the

entry criteria of each pathway, for anyone wishing to enter at this level. Please note, that conversion course are available – as shown above for those who partly fulfil criteria and are already in animal practice.

For more information contact the AOI on  or their website: New courses are being released regularly throughout 2021. Equine Level I – Enrolment from January 4th 2021. Go to the course page for more information: ENTER HERE

Animal Osteopathy International offers a range of canine and equine courses for all levels of learning. They offer online, and dual modality courses which help to reduce the cost and time required. This is a major advantage for those studying outside the UK or who are situated at the far edges of the UK.

To apply or for more more information email:


Please note that we are awaiting an update about this course. 5/4/21

Suitable for qualified osteopaths who wish to transfer their skills to the care of animals.Validated by BPP University, the Animal Manipulation (Osteopathy) programme is a Masters-level programme that trains students in Animal Osteopathic techniques. A wide range of academic subjects as well as an introduction to the philosophy and practice of animal techniques are studied. The first year of the programme is delivered at Warwickshire College. The second year of the programme is conducted at various sites throughout the country where practical skills are taught under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

The programme is semestered over two years and students are required to attend monthly weekend tutorial sessions.

PG.Cert. Animal Osteopathy

Taught by the Osteopathic Centre for Animals (OCA) and validated by the UCO, the course focuses on the osteopathic examination, evaluation and treatment of equines and canines, but the principles can be used to apply to other animals. For more information, go to: