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Vet Festival 2019

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New courses are being released EVERY month of 2019 and 2020 Below is a selection of some of the courses on offer.

BPP/Mc.Timoney College – MSc Animal Manipulation (Osteopathy)

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Suitable for qualified osteopaths who wish to transfer their skills to the care of animals.

Validated by BPP University, the Animal Manipulation (Osteopathy) programme is a Masters-level programme that trains students in Animal Osteopathic techniques.

A wide range of academic subjects as well as an introduction to the philosophy and practice of animal techniques are studied.

The first year of the programme is delivered at Warwickshire College. The second year of the programme is conducted at various sites throughout the country where practical skills are taught under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

The programme is semestered over two years and students are required to attend monthly weekend tutorial sessions.