East of england

Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire.

Anne Tonkin – Equine only

Covering: Norfolk.  Tel. 01379 644407 Email: anna@dnhc.co.uk

Hannah Koeller – Equine and canine 

Covering East Anglia, Greater London, Other areas upon request.  Mobile: 07974725140 Email: hk@equine-osteopath.com www.equine-osteopath.com

Caroline De Wilde – Equine & canine 

Covering: Norfolk.  Tel: 01362 858530 Email: caroline@willowosteopathy.co.uk

David Powers – Equine only 

Covering: London, particularly North, North West and East, Essex (up to Clacton) and Hertfordshire. Tel: 07956 286199 Email: info@davidpowers.co.uk www.davidpowers.co.uk 

Hannah Bashir – Equine only 

Covering: Essex.  Tel 07709 184135 Email: info@hbequineosteopath.co.uk

Joelle Fordham – Canine & small animals

Covering: Norfolk.  Tel: 01603 327844 Email: info@bodyflowosteo.com