Communicating with SOAP

Communicating with SOAP

SOAP is a voluntary specialist interest group that endorses best practice methods in animal osteopathy and request law-abiding practice as per The Veterinary Surgeon’s Act 1966 from all full members.

If you are a member of SOAP and wish to communicate with us, here are three methods you can use.

Ways to communicate with SOAP

  1. Blog contact
  2. Email
  3. Internal Complaints Procedure
  1. Blog

The SOAP website is set up with blog options, so you can go into the members section at any time and enter a question or query on the blog – under the section that is relevant to your comment. We would like to remind members that anything you post is placed in the public domain, so we suggest you avoid anything of a personal nature or comments that you aren’t happy for the world to read. General questions or comments, or sharing of education information are perfect for these methods.

  1. Email

You are welcome to email us ( if you have a suggestion or request that is inappropriate for the public domain i.e. the blog. We are happy to hear any ideas you may have for SOAP or concerns about the profession at large. We also welcome correspondence from experienced members who wish to join the SOAP team on an active basis.

3. Internal Complaint Procedure

Although we do our best to support our members, there maybe times when we fail to meet your expectations or you may hear something about another member that you wish to report to us on a more formal scale. If you wish to file a formal complaint about SOAP or a SOAP member, please send your complaint to the SOAP Secretary at

Our Internal Complaints Procedure process:

  1. We will acknowledge your complaint by email (or letter if requested) as soon as we receive it.
  2. Your complaint will be brought to the attention of the SOAP committee at the earliest opportunity.
  3. The committee’s feedback and (if appropriate) plan of action will be shared with you by email (or letter if requested).
  4. SOAP will action the points included in this communication and/or may ask you for more information.
  5. Once all the necessary information has been collated and any necessary actions implemented, you will be asked to confirm that you are happy with the outcome of the process or whether you wish to take further action.

 Please note:

SOAP is not a legal or regulatory entity and as such, is only be able to assist in communications between you and the aforementioned individual. If your complaint has been raised against a SOAP member and includes concerns about malpractice or poor professional conduct you may need to consider a more formal approach as outlined in our External Complaints Procedure. This can be found in the Terms & Conditions section (under the Membership tab).

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