New Animal Osteopathic Text on the Market

It is exciting to announce that a new collaborative animal osteopathic text has reached the market writers include Nadine Hobson, Tony Nevin and Paolo Tozzi

To find out more about this book which includes small animal and wildlife osteopathy click on the link below which will take you to the Amazon page.

Here is an extract from the synopsis on the amazon page.

“This is a comprehensive reference textbook for all those using osteopathic treatment techniques with animals or birds or studying to do so. The book is divided into sections: equine osteopathy; general small animal osteopathy; osteopathy for exotics- (pets such as tortoise, snakes, ferrets etc); osteopathy for wildlife – native as well as non to the UK including species found in most zoological collections; avian osteopathy – both domestic and wild/exotic.”

We hope you enjoy reading it and developing your animal practice.

The AAO team.

AAO Regional Representatives



Date: January 25 2018

As a way to help animal osteopaths around the UK, we are looking to start regional groups, where animal osteopaths can meet to discuss current issues in veterinary medicine and build relationships with local animal professionals through the use of talks and workshops. Our aim is to increase the reach of support offered by the AAO, whilst also helping members to build relationships and their businesses.

As such, we are seeking friendly, sociable, active animal osteopaths (members of the AAO) who are you interested in the future of animal osteopathy and have the time to help the AAO to grow the profession in their home regions.

Each group will be given help and support by a member of our current committee and a small annual budget will be allocated to each group to help with the costs of workshops etc.

Our aim is to link the profession in a more coherent fashion and to help you as RAMP and its CPD requirements become a part of everyone’s reality.

If you’re interested in taking on the role of a Regional Representative, please let me know by the 24th February.

You may send in your interest after this time, but we are keen to get these roles up and running by April at the latest.

Do you have any news you’d like to share – or articles/cases of interest? Please send them in and we will share them with the rest of membership.

SOAP AGM and CPD Day 6th August 2016!

It is my pleasure to confirm that this years AGM is taking place from 1.30-2.30pm Saturday 6th April at M.A.R.E.S. Amersham.

In addition to the AGM (which is free for members to attend), we are also offering 4 hours of animal-related CPD for just £30 to Members, which reflects the costs for the facilities, equipment & a light lunch (lecturers are kindly giving their time for free).

So join us for an informative & interesting day:-

  • Meet your SOAP committee, hear about our plans and get involved with the development and future of Animal Osteopathy;
  • Deepen your knowledge about pathologies in dogs & lameness in horses, and osteopathic approaches to treating both; plus enhance your business skills (see programme below);
  • Achieve 4 hours of Animal CPD towards the 7 hours we ask you to commit to in a year as a member of SOAP.

Places on the CPD part of the day are limited so to reserve your place, email as soon as possible for further details.

Non-members are also welcome, so if you have colleagues who are treating animals or interested in knowing more, but are not SOAP members, do forward this email to them.  Fees for non-members to attend are £55 for qualified osteopaths, £45 for final year students, and if they are eligible for membership & join on the day they will receive a discounted membership fee – to place reservations, organise payment & for further details please email

If you only plan to come the AGM part, please also let me know – by 22nd July latest.

CPD Programme – knowledge, research, practical – 4 hours of Animal CPD

  • Equine behaviour and body language: animal behaviourist Olivia Turner gives us insight into equine body language and communication also focussing on stress and discomfort in the ridden horse.
  • Canine applied forelimb biomechanics – James Sabala and Eleanor Andrews, lecturers in animal osteopathy combine theory with practical as we explore muscular activity in forelimb biomechanics and how this can be applied to gait assessment in animal practice.
  • Equi-taping demo – exact details to be confirmed.

Any and all questions regarding the AGM can be directed to either the secretary at or the communications officer at

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM!

SOAP_AGM_notice 2016

SOAP timetable 2016

What is Osteopathy? – An update from the Osteopathic Alliance

The Osteopathic Alliance has been working hard over a considerable length of time to develop a brief descriptor to summarise what osteopathy is. The aim of this work has been to formulate a definition that can work regardless of the style of osteopathy being practised. Here at SOAP we are committed to promoting these ideals and the descriptor reads as follows:

“Osteopathy is a philosophy of healthcare that acknowledges that the living body is a self-renewing, self-regenerating, self-recuperating system which maintains health constantly throughout life. Whenever that health-maintaining system is compromised, symptoms or disease could develop. Osteopathy is concerned with that which has compromised health rather than the resulting condition.

Osteopaths have been regulated by statute since 1993. They are trained to diagnose conventionally and also to use their hands to assess body function and dysfunction. This gives the osteopath uniquely sensitive information about the disability within the body and how this insight might be used to help restore health. 

Although people commonly describe their symptoms in terms of conventional medical conditions, osteopaths do not primarily treat medical conditions; they are more concerned with the cascade of events which could have contributed to the development of those medical conditions.”

 Advanced Clinical Practice Project survey

We have be asked to circulate the following to you regarding advanced clinical practice in osteopathy.  Please feel free to share with your colleagues, there is also a patient version to share.

Kind Regards
The SOAP committee.
Dear Colleagues,
The ODG’s Advanced Clinical Practice Project could have a profound effect on the shape of osteopathic practice in the UK, especially in areas of clinical interest such as animal osteopathy. Make sure your views are heard by completing the ACP survey now. You may also wish to promote the public survey to your patients. The surveys close on 28th August.
For more information, please visit:

Every day, someone at SOAP is fighting to improve your profession

The Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice – supporting your profession.

Members of the SOAP committee work tirelessly toward a better future for animal osteopaths and the profession as a whole. Over the years, SOAP has gone from strength to strength, but as the profession changes, so must we. Today, animal osteopathy faces new challenges and our work as a committee, has been to ensure the safety and security of the profession and its’ members.

Current SOAP projects include:

  • Maintaining a strong presence within the Osteopathic Alliance
    Meeting regularly with the GOsC to ensure both parties are aware of changes and challenges.
  • Working closely with ACPAT and the animal section of MCA, to build strong relationships with other statutory regulated professionals who branch out into animal practice.
  • Supporting animal osteopathy through the RMPR process, to ensure that animal osteopaths are properly represented and heard for the professionals that we are.
  • Building solid relationships with Osteopathic Schools around the UK to enhance educational opportunities and help raise the skill sets of animal osteopaths.
  • Increasing the visibility of animal osteopathy and SOAP via social media and direct communications.
  • Securing a regular slot within the iO journal for animal osteopathic topics.
    Regularly showcasing animal osteopathy within the iO conference
    Supporting and encouraging research within the field of animal osteopathy through the OEIs
  • Visiting Osteopathic Schools to run lectures on animal osteopathy for the next generation.

With the AGM coming up in June. If you have time to help on committee – if only in a small role – we would value your help. The more people we have onboard the faster we can implement everything and continue to strengthen the profession. Hope to see you there. 

Do you have a creative flair?

Would you be willing to help us design a new SOAP flyer? 

We want to create a new flyer to increase the visibility of SOAP amongst osteopathic schools and the osteopathic community.

As you know, our committee works on a purely voluntary basis. So if you have the skill set and would be willing to volunteer a few hours to draw up a new flyer with our SOAP marketing team (ready for print), we’d be truly grateful.

And if you know a good printing shop, please let us know!!

Big thanks in advance.

The SOAP Team

Please email if you can help.

SOAP logo – message to members

In the past few months we have been asked about a SOAP logo for members and we are looking to have one designed. However, at this time the current SOAP logo is for Society use only and is not permitted for use by members. This is because displaying the SOAP logo indicates some form of quality assurance and endorsement process on behalf of the Society, which currently we do not have.

With that in mind, if you have inadvertently placed the SOAP logo on your marketing material or website, we ask politely that it be removed.

When a member’s logo is introduced, we will be sure to let you know.

NOTE: Please remember to keep an eye on the “Member’s Area” for further news and updates on the RMPR project. We have made great strides over the past month and continue to do so on behalf of our membership. More details will be announced at the AGM in June.

SOAP – Fighting for Animal Osteopaths all over the UK