Insurance companies and the future of AO – do you care what happens?

We’ve started getting calls from members who are concerned about insurance companies restricting access to animal osteopathy. This has come about because the larger more affluent animal organisations have been able to market themselves to insurance companies, based on their skill set, qualifications and best practice methods. As a result, insurance companies are starting to favour those who stand together as professionals and guarantee a standard of care.

We are truly focused on improving the future of osteopathy for animals and the profession as a whole. We want to stand side by side with other statutory regulated professionals and have an equal presence in the marketplace.

We want to fight on your behalf to lift the profile of the profession and to communicate our benefits to insurance agencies and veterinary organisations, so this situation doesn’t spread.

Our aim is to target the insurance companies over the coming months, to inform them of our standards and our best practice methods. This will benefit you and all who practice AO. 

If you want to be recognised as a professional, we need to create a society for animal osteopathy that stands out from the crowd. Please help your profession by actively spreading the word of SOAP, so we achieve the strength we need to drive the profession forward.

Together we can lead the change

Note: If you have experienced a situation with an insurance agency, please send a brief outline to: We want to understand the extent of the problem. 

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