Every day, someone at SOAP is fighting to improve your profession

The Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice – supporting your profession.

Members of the SOAP committee work tirelessly toward a better future for animal osteopaths and the profession as a whole. Over the years, SOAP has gone from strength to strength, but as the profession changes, so must we. Today, animal osteopathy faces new challenges and our work as a committee, has been to ensure the safety and security of the profession and its’ members.

Current SOAP projects include:

  • Maintaining a strong presence within the Osteopathic Alliance
    Meeting regularly with the GOsC to ensure both parties are aware of changes and challenges.
  • Working closely with ACPAT and the animal section of MCA, to build strong relationships with other statutory regulated professionals who branch out into animal practice.
  • Supporting animal osteopathy through the RMPR process, to ensure that animal osteopaths are properly represented and heard for the professionals that we are.
  • Building solid relationships with Osteopathic Schools around the UK to enhance educational opportunities and help raise the skill sets of animal osteopaths.
  • Increasing the visibility of animal osteopathy and SOAP via social media and direct communications.
  • Securing a regular slot within the iO journal for animal osteopathic topics.
    Regularly showcasing animal osteopathy within the iO conference
    Supporting and encouraging research within the field of animal osteopathy through the OEIs
  • Visiting Osteopathic Schools to run lectures on animal osteopathy for the next generation.

With the AGM coming up in June. If you have time to help on committee – if only in a small role – we would value your help. The more people we have onboard the faster we can implement everything and continue to strengthen the profession. Hope to see you there. 

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