Calling for observation opportunities

Message from the Osteopathic Alliance and iO

This article is relevant to UK-based osteopaths

As we cautiously move to more normalised activities, we are receiving increasing requests about observational practice visits. In response, the Osteopathic Alliance (OA) and the iO are collaborating to encourage osteopaths who are willing to open for observations to add their details to the iO Mentoring platform which has been expanded to facilitate these opportunities.  

Nadine Hobson, Chair of the OA, the coalition of osteopathic post-registration colleges, said of the initiative: “Having incorporated observational practice visits into our courses and teaching clinics for a long time, the OA understand the value these bring to osteopathic development. There is a long history within the profession of experienced practitioners providing an opportunity to those that wish to shadow and observe the realities of working in private practice, whilst gaining further insights into Osteopathic thinking and clinical reasoning processes in patient care and partnership.“We would like to encourage principals to re-introduce this practice and support the new generation of osteopaths now graduating. It is a simple process, just complete an online form and you will be matched with suitable observers.”

The iO has always held the view that osteopaths can only benefit from working and sharing with other osteopaths. Matthew Rogers, Head of Professional Development at the iO expands: “It is common practice amongst healthcare professions that peer or student observations take place. Indeed, for many, it is considered an integral part of the CPD and professional development process. For practitioners being shadowed, it provides an opportunity to support recruitment, extend professional networks and engage with other practitioners to mutually share knowledge for the benefit of patient care.”

As we cautiously move to a situation where more normalised activities resume, we are receiving increasing requests from practitioners on how they can resume observations safely.  To provide assurances to clinic principals and practitioners who would like to provide these valuable opportunities, we have developed a guide ‘Best practice for observations/shadowing in private practice’. The guide clearly outlines the expectations and protocols that are expected of observers, as well as those being shadowed.  So why not add your name as one of the practitioners open for observations, share your knowledge, and provide a valuable experience to the upcoming generation of osteopaths.

DOWNLOAD: Best Practice for observations/shadowing in private practice.

Sign up HERE to add your name as ‘open for observations’.