Every day, someone at SOAP is fighting to improve your profession

The Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice – supporting your profession.

Members of the SOAP committee work tirelessly toward a better future for animal osteopaths and the profession as a whole. Over the years, SOAP has gone from strength to strength, but as the profession changes, so must we. Today, animal osteopathy faces new challenges and our work as a committee, has been to ensure the safety and security of the profession and its’ members.

Current SOAP projects include:

  • Maintaining a strong presence within the Osteopathic Alliance
    Meeting regularly with the GOsC to ensure both parties are aware of changes and challenges.
  • Working closely with ACPAT and the animal section of MCA, to build strong relationships with other statutory regulated professionals who branch out into animal practice.
  • Supporting animal osteopathy through the RMPR process, to ensure that animal osteopaths are properly represented and heard for the professionals that we are.
  • Building solid relationships with Osteopathic Schools around the UK to enhance educational opportunities and help raise the skill sets of animal osteopaths.
  • Increasing the visibility of animal osteopathy and SOAP via social media and direct communications.
  • Securing a regular slot within the iO journal for animal osteopathic topics.
    Regularly showcasing animal osteopathy within the iO conference
    Supporting and encouraging research within the field of animal osteopathy through the OEIs
  • Visiting Osteopathic Schools to run lectures on animal osteopathy for the next generation.

With the AGM coming up in June. If you have time to help on committee – if only in a small role – we would value your help. The more people we have onboard the faster we can implement everything and continue to strengthen the profession. Hope to see you there. 

Do you have a creative flair?

Would you be willing to help us design a new SOAP flyer? 

We want to create a new flyer to increase the visibility of SOAP amongst osteopathic schools and the osteopathic community.

As you know, our committee works on a purely voluntary basis. So if you have the skill set and would be willing to volunteer a few hours to draw up a new flyer with our SOAP marketing team (ready for print), we’d be truly grateful.

And if you know a good printing shop, please let us know!!

Big thanks in advance.

The SOAP Team

Please email if you can help.

SOAP logo – message to members

In the past few months we have been asked about a SOAP logo for members and we are looking to have one designed. However, at this time the current SOAP logo is for Society use only and is not permitted for use by members. This is because displaying the SOAP logo indicates some form of quality assurance and endorsement process on behalf of the Society, which currently we do not have.

With that in mind, if you have inadvertently placed the SOAP logo on your marketing material or website, we ask politely that it be removed.

When a member’s logo is introduced, we will be sure to let you know.

NOTE: Please remember to keep an eye on the “Member’s Area” for further news and updates on the RMPR project. We have made great strides over the past month and continue to do so on behalf of our membership. More details will be announced at the AGM in June.

SOAP – Fighting for Animal Osteopaths all over the UK

How to make your Animal CPD count

Many of our members ask us if they can use courses and clinics for their GOsC CDP hours. Whilst the GOsC doesn’t not openly allow animal courses as part of your CPD, they may consider studies where generic skills have been improved, such as communication or comparative studies, such as pathological processes or recovery after injury.

As a result, I have posted an articles under the member’s tab for you to read. This will help you to better direct your studies and the wording you use.

Hope it helps.


Insurance companies and the future of AO – do you care what happens?

We’ve started getting calls from members who are concerned about insurance companies restricting access to animal osteopathy. This has come about because the larger more affluent animal organisations have been able to market themselves to insurance companies, based on their skill set, qualifications and best practice methods. As a result, insurance companies are starting to favour those who stand together as professionals and guarantee a standard of care.

We are truly focused on improving the future of osteopathy for animals and the profession as a whole. We want to stand side by side with other statutory regulated professionals and have an equal presence in the marketplace.

We want to fight on your behalf to lift the profile of the profession and to communicate our benefits to insurance agencies and veterinary organisations, so this situation doesn’t spread.

Our aim is to target the insurance companies over the coming months, to inform them of our standards and our best practice methods. This will benefit you and all who practice AO. 

If you want to be recognised as a professional, we need to create a society for animal osteopathy that stands out from the crowd. Please help your profession by actively spreading the word of SOAP, so we achieve the strength we need to drive the profession forward.

Together we can lead the change

Note: If you have experienced a situation with an insurance agency, please send a brief outline to: We want to understand the extent of the problem. 


After last year’s successful event, we’re returning to MARES in Amersham, Bucks on Saturday 13th June. The programme is in currently being prepared but as soon as speakers have been confirmed we will let you know what exciting things we have in store. Watch this space for further announcements…

Note to our northerly members: Further to some requests last year, we did consider using Moreton Morrell, but because so few of the committee are based north of Watford, practicalities dictated a more southerly location on this occasion. However if members have suitable premises or can suggest a location near, where they could act as a local SOAP co-ordinator, we’d be very happy to have the AGM elsewhere next year. We are keen to grow our membership in the north, so please let us know if you would like to help your profession over the coming year.